Client: YachtDeliverySkippers

Website: http://www.yachtdeliveryskippers.co.uk

This website is a directory website for Yacht Delivery Skippers to post and advertise their services. It is programmed in PHP, and uses a Joomla! back end  It is designed to be fully self-sustaining with as little administrator input as possible.

It allows users to create an account, post an ad and take payment with no administrator input whatsoever.It will then remind users when the ad is coming to an end and remove it automatically if it is not renewed. Launched in 2011, this site is becoming very popular with around 20-30 new accounts created each month. This site recently underwent a complete redesign.

This upgraded the back end Joomla system to the latest v3.0 as well as completely redoing the design and ad system. The site is now based on a highly customised version of the ListBingo component.